DePuy Hip Recall

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This blog site is created by William Davis, and it exists for the welfare of the general public--to inform, update and acknowledge patients with legal concerns centering around medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

This contains significant news, links and insights regarding the production of defective DePuy Orthopaedics’ hip implants, including the complications it has caused to over 93,000 Americans and their families, and more from other countries. The severity of the situation has stirred a lot of concern in a worldwide scale.

The posts you can read in this site will help you come up with an informed choice, and will guide you in your decision to file a lawsuit. In here, you will find ideas as to who to consult--lawyers for instance, who are competent and experienced in dealing with DePuy hip recall cases concerning product liability issues. Protectng your rights as a patient and a person is as important as seeking for justice.
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